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Cat with Money

Your TLD Says Everything I Need To Know To Invest

My good friend and former lacrosse teammate Paul Graham wrote a few days back about the importance of a domain name. I was so excited someone from the investment community finally had the courage to broach this topic I nearly spilled my Blue Bottle over my Microsoft Surface. Paul is absolutely spot on here.

Why waste a quarter of a million dollars of your precious early stage capital on stuff like hiring engineers, acquiring customers or investing in differentiation when you could write a fat check to some Cayman Island broker for a tangential English word followed by ".com"?

Think about it - what's the most important audience to whom your startup needs to look large and in charge?

Customers? Nope.

Potential employees? Think again.

Investors? EXACTLY.

Why would I waste my precious time in between the Hamptons and the golf course talking to some scrub rocking a ".io?" I ...

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