Come As You Are This Halloween With AdCap's Partners

Come As You Are This Halloween With AdCap's Partners

Like most New Yorkers, the partners in Adventure Capitalists will be steering plenty clear of Manhattan this Halloween. You can keep the $40 covers, $15 drinks and $2 Ken Bone costumes and come out to Queens to join an evening so soaked in 90's nostalgia, you have to mop it up with a New Kids on the Block beach towel.

The AdCap crew will be pulling out those unwashed flannel shirts and frayed jeans to deliver a night of tasty 90's tracks at the Let Love Inn in Astoria. First up, James, Kilian and Rob will be the backing band for Mary Ann and Ashley Doubt. A set of riot grrrl sisters swiftly teleported from Seattle circa '96, they will be shredding cords for Hole Lotta Doubt with raging interpretations of your favorite pre-fame Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani tracks.

The main event - the Penny Royalties - will feature James in his best Grohl getup, Mike Brumfield and Heavy Metal Chris from Fat Wreck's Morning Glory. These Astorian fixtures will attempt an ambitious live performance of Nirvana's 25-year-old grunge opus, Nevermind front to back.

It's all going down on 28 October at the end of the N line - doors at 8pm, show at 9pm.

The Let Love Inn
27-20 23rd Ave
New York, NY 11105

Penny Royalties Flyer