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Steve Jobs holding an Apple TV

5 Ways Your Startup Can Be More Like Apple

On the limo ride home from Burning Man, I was talking to a set of fresh entrepreneurs on the problems they were facing. In between updating my Mattermark dashboard and updating my DraftKings lineup, I listened to some of their problems. Classic issues every startup founder has to face.

Competing for top shelf talent. Finding product/market fit. Landing the marquee reference customers.

After letting them yammer a bit, I slammed shut my Air and stared at them for a long moment.

"Guys," I said, "you know the firm's position on this."

One of the ones bogarting the Pelligrino in the back sighed and replied snarkily, "Let me guess Rob.  Be more like Apple?"

"Yes," I declared. "You need to be more like Apple."

"But Rob!" one cried, "I don't see how constant comparisons to a $650 billion consumer electronics company is supposed to help my 5-person SaaS ...

Music Service Logos

Go Long On MVP With Your Favorite Music Service

My assistant brought it to my attention this morning that people out there are still buying music. I couldn't believe it, so I asked my Starbucks barista if this was true and his shrug told me everything I needed to know. He's a millenial - he understands this market. So, James and I called a few people and Adventure Capitalists is now available on every music service that matters. 

Just search "Adventure Capitalists" on the service of your choice or click one of the links below:

We're told we're probably on a bunch of others, but my associate can't figure out how to sign up for a Tidal account.

Guess we shouldn't have passed on that Spotify C round.

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