New Track From MVP: I'm Not Sick

New Track From MVP: I'm Not Sick

Before we get to this week's release from our first record MVP, the firm feels it needs to clear the air given today's news.

  1. Rob Spectre never knowingly signed up for Ashley Madison.
  2. All emails found in the recent dump represent due diligence for a passed investment.
  3. We will not comment on any of the 47 transactions listed in the dump.
  4. If you'd avoid using our company card, you'd be doing us a solid. Our Netflix subscriptions are due this month and we'd be way bummed if we couldn't finish Wet Hot American Summer.

And now, serious business.

"I'm Not Sick" is now available for your digital consumption. A rocker track for everyone that has had to explain the bags under their eyes after another 90 hour week, you can find our latest for download on every service on the Good Lord's Internet or right here:



Lyrics are available on Genius. As always, we welcome your feedback below.