Your TLD Says Everything I Need To Know To Invest

Your TLD Says Everything I Need To Know To Invest

My good friend and former lacrosse teammate Paul Graham wrote a few days back about the importance of a domain name. I was so excited someone from the investment community finally had the courage to broach this topic I nearly spilled my Blue Bottle over my Microsoft Surface. Paul is absolutely spot on here.

Why waste a quarter of a million dollars of your precious early stage capital on stuff like hiring engineers, acquiring customers or investing in differentiation when you could write a fat check to some Cayman Island broker for a tangential English word followed by ".com"?

Think about it - what's the most important audience to whom your startup needs to look large and in charge?

Customers? Nope.

Potential employees? Think again.

Investors? EXACTLY.

Why would I waste my precious time in between the Hamptons and the golf course talking to some scrub rocking a ".io?" I want every founding team that walks into my marble-decked office to show me that they can get their pants pulled down by a domain squatter like real champions. Nothing says fiscal stewardship to me like dropping 200 G-bills on your Internet license plate.

In fact, I'm so long on important TLDs that James and I called the LPs right after ready Paul's essay and told them we were sinking the lionshare of our growth fund into the next important corner of Internet real state:


Look, do you want people to know you're serious business or not? That's what .biz says to the market. It says, "Look, you. Imma slap those cat photos right out of your goddamn phone and disrupt your shit until you don't know how to pull to refresh anymore."

Adventure Capitalists is proud to announce we now own every existing .biz domain on the good Lord's Internet. 

Every. Last. One.

You want to look real in this competitive finance environment? You're going to have to go through us.

Thanks to Blake Irving for reviewing drafts of this post.