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Really Great Board Meetings

There comes a time when board meetings become more for real. It happens gradually at first and then it happens suddenly, so we've compiled a few helpful tips to help smooth the transition.


You need to begin by calibrating our minds to the latest data on your business. Try not to use too many slides but pack every detail you can on each one. Some of our favorite slides are the ones where you feel like you have no idea what the slide even says because it's so full of great information.

Help us by covering everything, no matter how nuanced. This is, by far, the best way to maximize our ability to steer your ship.

Maximize Time With Investors

We understand your business better than anyone. It is up to you to extract as much wisdom from our minds as possible. Maximizing your time with us ...

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Listen To Your Investors. Always.

I just got out of a board meeting with one of our portfolio companies and I am so hot under the collar that I could barely work the door to my McLaren. The nerve of these wantrepreneurs to trust their domain expertise and market vision over the fat stacks of cash money I wired into their bank accounts? I've had it with these founders and their passion for serving their customers - don't think know what will happen if they don't read every single link from the Harvard Business Review I tweet at them?

Let me tell you a story.

Few years back I was working with an entrepreneur. He was feeding me some line about "solving a real business problem" instead of "building a social network." I asked him, "Look hombre - do you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or do you want to be the ...

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